Where the dentist comes to the school/club and takes the players’ impressions. The mouthguard order form should normally be completed and submitted a couple of days prior to our visit.


For our players local to Reading or Winchester, you can come along to our award winning dental practices for the impressions to be taken. Call 0118 945 2900 (Reading) or 01962 863118 (Winchester) to arrange an appointment.

Speedy Turnaround

The impressions are brought back to the laboratory and cast up that day. This reduces significantly the chances of any irregularities or distortions occurring.

Excellent After Care Service

We pride ourselves in giving a high quality, personalised and efficient service. We check and ensure that all the mouthguards have fitted properly and will make any adjustments promptly, if required. We will respond quickly to any phone calls or emails from the purchasers of our mouthguards.


It is always a good idea to have a spare mouthguard – just in case one gets lost or damaged (e.g. if you don’t follow our care instructions properly). Without the inconvenience of having to take two impressions we can make a second mouthguard, if ordered at the same time as the first, for a much reduced discounted cost (see price list for details).

School or Club Donation

A donation per mouthguard ordered can be provided in the form of either a cheque to help in the running of the school/club or towards a preferred charity or in the form of sports equipment. FirstLine may also help in the sponsorship of our regular customers.